Gasket : Non-Metallic Gasket
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C.A.F   [top]

Non metallic gaskets form an important part of the gasket production and manufacture them from a most comprehensive range of materials to ANSI, JIS, KS, BS, DIN, and Continental Standards also to suit clients individual needs and requirements
Standard Pipe joints both graphited and plain are available exstock and are suitable for a wide range of duties. 
  • Temperature to 594DEG C (1100DEG F)
  • Pressure to 140Kg/cm2(2000lbs f/in2)
  • Qualities available.
  • ASTM F104 F112100
  • ASTM F104 F112500
  • ASTM F104 F112100
  • Acid Resistant
  • Wire Reinforced etc.
Thickness : 0.2mm(0.08") to 6.4mm(0.25")
Sheet Sizes : 1.2m x 1.2m (48" x 48") to 3.8m x 3.8m (150" x 150")
Large size gaskets suitable for BS 3292, MSS SP-44 (or ASME B16.47 Series A), ANSI B16.5 (or ASME/ANSI B16.5), ANSI B16.21 (or ASME B16.21) flanges are available on short deliveries.

Rubber & Synthetics   [top]
The range of materials available include :
          Natural Rubber,
          Acid resistant,
          Food quality,
          Ethylene Propylene,
Cork and Cork Composition

  • Cork Protein Bonded
  • Cork Resin Bonded
  • Cork Neoprene Rubber Bonded
  • Cork Nitnile Rubber Bonded
  • Cork Silicone Rubber Bonded
  • Plain and Oil Resistant Treated Papers 
  • Hard and Soft Fiber
  • Thickness : 0.38mm(0.15") - 12.7mm(1/2")

  • Complete range of industrial felts from Dust to Oil Resistant qualities

Woven Asbestos   [top]  

P.T.F.E   [top]
   Solid flat
   Cut or Machined
   Virgin or filled polymer
For special duties in corrosive service where gasket bore protection is essential. gasket sheaths or envelopes are offered as "Y" section slit or "U" section milled type, Standard flanges or special sizes are available.