Gasket : VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) Packing
Introduction | Characteristics | Usage | Applications

Introduction   [top]  

As a necessary consequence of global campaign, starting with U.S.A. to the environmental protection, an international regulations to the environmental preservation, such as ISO 14000, have been established. In case of the U.S.A, a clean air act(CAA) is under operating with a strong support from public. The elimination behavior of Volatile Organic Compound(VOC), that pollute an air and environment, or very hazardous in fire, come to be limited ultra-nationally. (In Korea, a specially measured, and preserved environmentally, regions are notified and reinforced an allowable basis of emissions from environmental air pollution facilities, in accordance with the government notice number 1996-116/117 by Ministry of environment, and Article 22 of Law for basic environmental policy.) 

The VOC PACKING is a product that has been designed specially, and developed to cope with a current situation to air pollution and environmental protection, nationally and globally, as stated above; and that have been developed to minimize leakage of VOC (100ppm and below), and especially, when apply the products K/#101M-CDB353 to a newly manufactured valve and K/#FV101A to forged valve, they ensure a superior sealing performance even in use for a long hours (semi-permanent) ; and when apply the product K/#101-6A to casting valves that to be replaced or maintained, they ensure a superior sealing performance and reduce the maintenance and repairing cost.

Characteristics   [top]  

(1) VOC PACKING is a product applied to a valve stem and shows low fugitive emission, and a product that appears leakage less than 100ppm.
(2) VOC PACKING requires a low handle torque from low tightness load, and have a superior sealing performance.
(3) VOC PACKING have various characteristics of graphite properties and as follows;

(4) VOC PACKING is a product to be used semi-permanently enough when installed only once, owing to a low stress relieving characteristic that eliminate follow-up fastening and thermosetting appearances that may be come from various kinds of vibrations while operating valves, and need a low maintenance and repair cost.
(5) VOC PACKING is a product superior in dimensional stability.
(6) A high density graphite molded VOC PACKING, when placed an both upper and lower sides, protects graphite from crack and crush caused by turning and/or back-and-forth motions to valve handle. Graphite, braided carbon fiber and braided graphite fiber that are treated by a corrosion inhibitor to protect valve stem from leakage that caused by corrosions.

Usage   [top]
Stuffing boxes of the various kinds of valves, rotating pumps etc.

Applications   [top]
A high temperature and high density steam, hot water, gas, heat medium, hot oil, hydrocarbon, organic solvent, volatile organic compound(VOC), raw chemical, extreme low temperature fluid, LNG, etc.